IC Markets’ spreads are among the lowest across all major and minor currency pairs. In particular, our average EUR/USD spread of 0.1 pips is the lowest in the world.

IC Markets offers variable spreads on our   Meta Trader 4,  Meta Trader 5  and cTrader,  forex trading platforms. We are able to offer market leading spreads in each of our platforms by providing them with True ECN connectivity. Over 50 different banks and dark pool liquidity sources are pricing into our ECN at any given time to ensure our spreads remain tight and liquidity deep 24/7.

Our typical spreads are illustrated below. Spreads can go as low as 0.0 pips on our MetaTrader and cTrader True ECN platforms.

MetaTrader4 True ECN Commission Rates

Account Base CurrencyMicro Lot Commission
(0.01 or 1,000 base currency)
Standard Lot Commission
(1 or 100,000 base currency)
AUD Account
Australian Dollar
AUD 0.035
(AUD 0.07 round turn)
AUD 3.50
(AUD 7.0 round turn)
USD Account
US Dollar
USD 0.035
(USD 0.07 round turn)
USD 3.50
(USD 7.0 round turn)
EUR Account
EUR 0.03
(EUR 0.06 round turn)
EUR 2.75
(EUR 5.5 round turn)
GBP Account
Pound Sterling
GBP 0.025
(GBP 0.05 round turn)
GBP 2.50
(GBP 5.0 round turn)
SGD Account
Singapore Dollar
SGD 0.045
(SGD 0.09 round turn)
SGD 4.50
(SGD 9.0 round turn)
JPY Account
Japanese Yen
JPY 3.5
(JPY 7 round turn)
JPY 325
(JPY 650 round turn)
CHF Account
Swiss Franc
CHF 0.035
(CHF 0.07 round turn)
CHF 3.30
(CHF 6.60 round turn)
NZD Account
New Zealand Dollar
NZD 0.045
(NZD 0.09 round turn)
NZD 4.50
(NZD 9.00 round turn)
CAD Account
Canadian Dollar
CAD 0.035
(CAD 0.07 round turn)
CAD 3.50
(CAD 7.0 round turn)
HKD Account
Hong Kong Dollar
HKD 0.27
(HKD 0.5425 round turn)
HKD 27.125
(HKD 54.25 round turn)

cTrader Commission Rates

cTrader commission is charged per side, per 100,000 USD traded. This is different to MT4 which charges a fixed amount per lot.

The commission charged on the cTrader platform is $3 USD per 100,000 USD traded. The USD commission amount is converted to the base currency of an account at the current spot rate. An example of the commission calculation on a cTrader account is below.

Calculation @ $3 USD per 100,000 USDCommission on 1 lot EURUSD
Opening Price€100,000 x 1.3000 = USD $130,000 x (3 / 100,000)$3.90
Closing Price€100,000 x 1.3100 = USD $131,000 x (3 / 100,000)$3.93
Total Commission on Trade$7.83

Low Commission